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The monitoring and control system of the control cabinet of the energy valve system of ADSUN meets all the needs of monitoring the source and status of the equipment of all production systems in the country. factory.

In this article, Andon Adsun will learn more about this energy monitoring system with you!

What is an energy monitoring system?

An energy monitoring system is a piece of software or hardware used to collect, process, and monitor information about energy consumption and production in a system or a building. This system can monitor parameters such as power consumption, temperature, pressure, flow of water, gas, steam, and many more to evaluate performance and save energy.

Energy monitoring systems can help organizations, businesses, or individuals manage and optimize the energy in their systems, reducing operating costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing harmful emissions. to the environment. In addition, energy monitoring systems can also provide the information needed to make investment decisions in equipment and technology and help achieve environmental goals.

Why install an energy management device?

Energy monitoring is important because it provides us with the information we need to manage and optimize energy use. Here are some reasons why energy monitoring is so important:

  • Cost savings: Energy monitoring helps detect unnecessary energy usage habits, minimize waste and optimize energy use, helping to reduce system operating costs and save businesses money. professional or personal.
  • Increased efficiency: By monitoring energy, we can detect technical problems or failures in the system and fix them immediately, thereby improving the performance of the system.
  • Environmental protection: Energy monitoring helps to reduce emissions to the environment, reduce the negative impact of energy use on the environment, and at the same time improve the image of the business.
  • Promoting sustainable development: By using energy monitoring, we can find ways to save energy and use renewable energy to promote sustainable development.

In summary, energy monitoring is very important because it helps to optimize energy use, save costs, improve efficiency and protect the environment, while promoting sustainable development.

Working process of the energy control system

An Energy Management System (EMS) is an automation system that provides information and manages the operation of devices and systems to optimize energy use. The operation process of the EMS system includes the following steps:

  • Data collection: An energy monitoring system will collect data on energy consumption, energy output, temperature, pressure, flow and other parameters related to system operation.
  • Data processing: The collected data will be processed to analyze and give useful information about the energy usage and performance of the system.
  • Information display: Information is displayed on a user interface that is easy to read and understand. This information can be displayed in the form of graphs, line graphs, maps, and other formats to make it easy for users to follow and understand the information.
  • Alerts: The energy monitoring system can also be configured to give an alert when parameters are exceeded or when something goes wrong in the system.
  • Analyze and make recommendations: Collected data will be analyzed to make recommendations on how to optimize energy use and improve system performance.
  • Data storage: Collected data will be stored and managed to ensure that they can be accessed and used for future analysis.

In a nutshell, the working principle of energy monitoring includes the collection, processing and display of information about the system’s energy consumption and production, warning when there is a problem, and making recommendations to optimize the system’s energy consumption. optimize energy usage and improve system performance.

Devices in Adsun’s energy management system

1/ GSM Modem: Central control device, communicating with control devices through RJ485 interface and communicating with Server system via GSM system.

  • Power: 220V AC
  • Communicate:

ANT-GSM: Connect to Antenna.

GSM Connector: Connects to Control Valve via RJ485.

  • Number of SUB control managers: 16.

2/ Control Valve: The device controls the contactor and receives the device status signal

  • Power 220V AC.
  • Communication port: RJ485.

3/ System Storage Server:

  • On the basis of ADSUN’s Data Center system.
  • The data is absolutely secure and operates 24/7.

4/ Application for monitoring on Smartphone: Developing applications on Android devices, which can be monitored and controlled remotely via the App. This helps in timely management and intervention, regardless of space and time.

With the information we provide braided on. We are confident that we will meet the needs of our customers in terms of consulting and installing energy monitoring systems for your company.

If you want to learn about energy monitoring solutions, please contact us directly and we will give you a free consultation.

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