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The Andon system brings many benefits to the production process as follows:

  • Reduce production downtime
  • Increase production productivity
  • Reduce production errors
  • Improve production process

The cost of installing an Andon system will depend on many factors such as the size of the plant, the scale of production, the number of devices to be installed, the features and functionality required by the Andon system, as well as the technology technology and software used.

Yes, Andon system can integrate with the overall production management system to improve efficiency and accuracy in production management. Through integrating data from Andon system into the overall production management system, managers can easily monitor the production process, make more effective management decisions, increase the ability to make decisions. Anticipate and detect production problems early for timely resolution

Yes, now Adsun is a manufacturer and installer of andon systems for factories, so it can integrate or expand functions to match the factory accurately and quickly Some functions have can be integrated as follows:

  • Monitor production performance
  • Product categories
  • Monitor production progress
  • Production data management
  • Production control
  • Energy monitoring

Depending on the needs and requirements of the business, we will integrate into the andon system for businesses.

Andon systems can be divided into two main categories: wireless Andon systems and wired Andon systems.

  • Wireless Andon System: The wireless Andon system uses wireless communication devices to connect the production units to the control center. This system can reduce installation and repair costs, reduce installation time, improve flexibility, and reduce connection problems.
  • Wired Andon System: Wired Andon system uses cables to connect production units to the control center. This system requires higher installation and maintenance costs than the wireless Andon system. However, the wired Andon system is capable of faster data transmission and higher reliability than the wireless Andon system.

Depending on the specific needs and conditions of the business, a wireless Andon system or a wired Andon system can be used to improve the production process and increase production efficiency.

Andon System Solutions Bring Many Benefits

The andon system will bring the factory very good benefits in business management
Anh Duong Electronics and Telecommunications Joint Stock Company (ADSUN JSC) we would like to introduce a multi-functional MANAGEMENT SUPPORT SYSTEM (ANDON ADSUN SYSTEM) which is researched and supplied by our company. The ANDON ADSUN system has been used extensively in manufacturing plants, in industrial parks throughout the country.


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