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Andon System is a visual information platform for “lean” manufacturing, responsible for recording unexpected events occurring in a process, in real time, affecting the continuity of the process. of the production line. In this article, Andon Adsun will help customers better understand this andon system solution in the following article.

What is the Andon system?

The Andon system is a collection of hardware and software devices that have an abnormal warning function in the production lines. Support related departments from operators, supervisors, managers, warehouses, etc. to perform their work smoothly through close information connection in real time.

Specifically, Andon System works on the principle of issuing warnings for abnormalities such as machinery breakdowns, material shortages, need for assistance, etc. Depending on each system, the alarm can be automatically turned on or the person responsible for it. responsible for manually pressing the button.

At that time, the information will be transmitted to the data center and processed, output to LCD screen or led panel combined with warning sound. The department in charge of monitoring and related parties will quickly receive information, be present and assist in timely solving problems to ensure production progress, shorten the downtime of the line. manufacture.

Origin of the Andon system

The Andon system was first developed in Japan in the 1900s, originating from Toyota’s production system to manage production processes in the automotive industry. Since then, the Andon system has been widely used in the manufacturing industry, improving and evolving to meet the rigorous requirements of the industry.

Andon System includes an electronic board showing production status and an alarm mechanism that allows workers to report problems or request assistance from management.

Today, the Andon system has been widely used in many industries and was developed to meet the requirements of the digital age, with features such as networking, remote access and data analysis.

The role of the Andon system

The role of Andon adsun system is to help production managers and workers directly in the production process to track and solve production-related problems quickly and efficiently.

  • Control the production process: Allows production managers and other employees to monitor the production process and identify problems or problems quickly.
  • Problem alert: When a problem is detected in the production process, the Andon adsun system alerts and notifies the relevant staff so that they can fix the problem quickly.
  • Performance monitoring: The system provides parameters related to production performance such as production speed, finished product quantity, defect rate and waiting time. As a result, employees can evaluate their performance and improve the production process.
  • Continuous improvement: The system provides continuous data and feedback on production activities, enabling employees to suggest improvements to the production process and making the company more efficient.

Therefore, the role of Andon system is to improve the production process, reduce production errors, increase labor productivity and improve product quality.

Long-term benefits that the andon system brings businesses to use

Here are a few benefits to businesses using a business monitoring and operating system:

  • Detect and deal with problems immediately: The Andon system helps to detect and alarm technical or process problems immediately, allowing manufacturers to handle problems quickly to avoid interruptions. production process segment.
  • Minimize production downtime: Thanks to its ability to detect and resolve problems immediately, the Andon system helps to reduce downtime in the production process, increasing production efficiency and productivity.
  • Enhance product quality: Monitoring the production process and detecting technical or process defects as soon as they occur, improves product quality and reduces the rate of defective products hitting the market .
  • Optimizing production: Helps improve production processes by detecting problems and suggesting improvements or new ways of working to optimize production.
  • Increase employee safety: Detect problems in the production process in a timely manner, then notify emergency units in charge of handling to ensure the safety of employees operating the production system in these fields. serious case.

In summary, the Andon system brings many benefits to businesses in the production process, helping to increase production efficiency, improve product quality, optimize production process, and increase safety for employees. pellets.

Working principle and classification

The principle of operation of the adsun system

The Andon system works on the following basic principle: if a problem occurs in the production process, the production staff will press the Andon button to signal the problem. At this time, the LED on the Andon device will turn red or yellow for warning. Information about the problem will be displayed on the Andon display and sent to technical or management staff for handling. Once the issue is resolved, the employee will press a button on the Andon device to notify that the issue has been resolved.

The basic components of the system include:

  • Andon device: includes push buttons, LEDs and display.
  • Link network: helps to connect all Andon devices and production management systems together.
  • Andon management software: helps track and analyze data related to production performance, helping managers and technicians make decisions based on this information.

In a nutshell, the Andon system helps to reduce errors and enhance production efficiency by detecting problems early and providing instructions for resolution. It also helps track and analyze data related to production performance, helping managers and technicians make quick and effective decisions to improve production processes and enhance product quality.

Classification of andon systems

The andon system is built to monitor, detect and report problems occurring in the production process immediately, helping manufacturers to handle problems quickly. There are many ways to categorize this system, including:

Sort by connection

  • Andon wired: use power lines or Ethernet cables to connect between Andon devices.
  • Andon wireless: use wireless connection by wifi, Rf, Lora, … to transfer data between Andon devices.

Sort by display

  • Andon lights: use LEDs or rotating lights to show production status.
  • Andon screen: use the display to present production status information.

Sort by level of data analysis

  • Basic Andon: provides only basic information about production status.
  • Advanced Andon: provides more detailed breakdowns and production status.

Sort by feature

  • Andon alert: provide alerts only when something goes wrong.
  • Andon decision support: provides detailed information and decision support to manufacturers.

It should be noted, however, that this list is only a handful of common classifications, and the Andon system classification can be made according to various criteria depending on the intended use.

Introducing the Andon system of Adsun JSC

The Andon system is researched and developed by Anh Duong Electronics and Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (Adsun JSC) based on the latest technology to provide real-time control of the production process, direct connection to communicate with the enterprise’s computer system and apply cloud computing technology to support reporting and information output anytime, anywhere.

Application of andon system for each field

Andon system can be applied in many different fields. Here are some examples of how the Andon system can be applied in each field:

  • In the manufacturing sector: The system is used to monitor the production process, monitor performance, alert the problem and help production managers and direct workers to solve production problems in a timely manner. quick way.
  • Customer service: the system can be used to monitor customer service, ensuring that customer issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
  • In the medical field: the system can be used to monitor patient care and reduce patient waiting time. It can also be used to ensure that patient problems are resolved quickly and efficiently, helping to improve the quality of patient care.
  • In the field of public services: Andon system is applied in monitoring the service delivery process and minimizing the waiting time of customers.

Some notes to know when using the andon system

The andon system is an important tool in manufacturing, helping to increase efficiency and ensure product quality. However, in order to deploy and use the andon system effectively, it is necessary to adhere to some of the following notes:

  • Defining the intended use: Before implementing it, it is necessary to clearly define its intended use, such as error signaling, information display or control of the production process.
  • Selection of suitable andon equipment: It is necessary to choose andon equipment suitable for production needs, features of equipment, size and cost.
  • Locating and installing andon equipment: Andon equipment should be positioned and installed so that it is easy to see and access. The installation location should be determined in advance and ensure that the device can be easily seen from many angles.
  • Staff training: Before deploying, it is necessary to train employees on how to use andon devices, how to read information and react when the system reports errors.
  • System control and maintenance: The andon system needs to be controlled and maintained regularly to ensure stable and efficient operation. Periodic inspections and replacement of damaged or old parts should be carried out.
  • System updates and upgrades: Updates and upgrades are required to meet production needs and new technical requirements.
  • Analyze and evaluate effectiveness: It is necessary to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the andon system to make appropriate adjustments and improvements.

Above is the information about the andon adsun system that we aggregate and share with our customers, you have a better overview of this product.

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