Andon Lamp

Wireless Frequency and Channels: Using 31 frequencies at 447MHz to prevent interference between devices.

Wireless Antenna: Equipped with an external DBM antenna.

Easy Maintenance: Simple maintenance and upkeep thanks to color-coded warning lights.

Product Mount: Comes with a fixed mount.

Power Supply: Powered by a DC 12V, 1A adapter.

Product Size: The light is 80mm in size and the length is 430mm.

The Andon lamp is the basic and important device in the entire Andon system in fault reporting of the production process system. Therefore, in this article, Andon Adsun will introduce in more detail about the types of Adsun temples, customers can understand and choose the right type of lamp for their needs.

Andon shutdown role in production incident reporting system

Andon is a production monitoring system originating from Japan. This system will notify important live signaling problems in real time. Therefore, the problem has a role in warning of problems in the production process.

Customized according to the needs of each manufacturing plant, Andon lights are used in many different positions in the monitoring system. Monochromatic red can be used when using 3, 5 colors tower lights to indicate details for each different fault code in a complex production monitoring system. Therefore, depending on the needs of each unit, black andon will be applied appropriately to ensure efficiency during use.


Classification of Andon lamps

ANDON LED 1 color

This monochromatic andon lamp is often used in simple fault warning systems that do not specify complex fault codes or have only one fixed fault code.

The voltage level for the product is not high, can be AC ​​or DC, both can be used (12V, 24VDC). This product is imported by Andon Adsun and applied to the andon system that we provide to customers. However, according to the needs of customers, there will be different fees and brands on each product provided.

ANDON lights with built-in buzzer and swivel

This type of lamp is often used for factories, factories with large areas and a large number of machines. Because when using a monochromatic light, it will be difficult to detect the location of the fault machine, so using this light will help the administrator to know the exact location of the error code. Andon lamps with dynamic light – flashing with sound are the right choice.

The level of voltage supplied to the product is equivalent to that of monochromatic andon and can be used in both direct and alternating currents.

ANDON lights in the form of tower lights

This is the most commonly used lamp in the Andon system that Adsun provides because it is a lamp that synthesizes all the features of the two devices above. It’s as simple as installing more light stages or removing the light stages. It has strobe feature, buzzer or not.

This product can also run in DC and AC. Voltage for equipment: 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 220 VDC are okay.

ANDON dot matrix LED lamp

In case customers require more information such as counting the time the problem occurred, this black DOT Matrix LED can be used for monitoring.

ANDON lamp with HMI shows many production parameters

This type of lamp is upgraded higher than other lamps, it has an HMI to display all parameters such as the time of the incident, the total number of errors of the error codes, the number of defective products, etc. is the right equipment to meet that demand of the production plant.

Mode of Operation

When there is a request for support or a problem, the operator (worker / employee) presses the button corresponding to the problem. Accordingly, the signal light will emit the appropriate color to help the monitoring department recognize the problem immediately, quickly approach and give appropriate treatment.

For automated production lines, the signal lights can be turned on automatically.

The Andon light is activated by allowing the employee to simply press the buttons at his or her operating position and activate the corresponding signal light on the type of assistance required. This allows supervisors and relevant departments to intervene to respond immediately.

There are many types of support requests, such as need for more materials, machine breakdown, need for technical support, dangerous accident, etc. With the help of the Andon indicator light, the appropriate intervention can be made. appear immediately. This reduces wait times and delays in responding to support requests, making monitoring & support processes leaner, faster and more efficient.

Andon lights are integrated into the Andon system, providing quick, intuitive alerts with simple, easy-to-use operation. Various events or requests are often signaled with red, yellow, and green lights. In addition, there are some factories that use tower lights up to 5 colors to meet the specific requirements of their own process.

In order for the Andon indicator solution in particular and the Andon system in general to reach its full potential, certain training is required to understand the importance and operation of warning lights. This can be an important factor if the majority of the workforce is inexperienced or seasonal.

Improve processes through reports and analytics

  • The Andon system collects and stores all status light changes, assisting in report generation and analysis. This can provide accurate and objective data and improve operational transparency.
  • Decisions can be made based on objective data provided by the Andon system reports. The bottlenecks can be identified, improvement measures help to optimize the production process.
  • Data is presented in a clear and easy-to-follow visual display, allowing various performance characteristics of the operation to be reviewed and possible shortfalls easily identified.
  • Improved transparency about operational disruptions and wait times allows continuous improvement measures to be introduced and unleashed latent potential for process optimization.

With the specific information in this article, we hope you can have a basic understanding of the common andon lamps.

Tần số không dây và số kênh Sử dụng 31 tần số 447MHz để chống nhiễu thông tin giữa các thiết bị
Có ăng-ten không dây Có ăng-teng DBM bên ngoài
Bảo trì bão dưỡng đơn giản Dễ dàng bảo dưỡng bảo trì nhờ cách phân chia đèn báo động theo màu sắc
Chân đế gắn sản phẩm Có giá đỡ cố định sản phẩm
Nguồn điện sử dụng Sử dụng DC 12V, 1A adapter
Kích thước sản phẩm Kích cỡ đèn: 80mm   Chiều dài: 430mm
Warranty 1 to 1 exchange under warranty policy.
Long term warranty option.
Preferential warranty package for a large number of devices.
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