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Overview ANDON ADSUN System

ANDON Adsun solution

Overview of ANDON ADSUN system
In order to meet the increasing demand of Vietnamese market, mainly in manufacturing factories and industrial parks throughout the country. Anh Duong Electronics and Telecommunication Joint Stock Company (ADSUN JSC) would like to introduce a management control for production that is the ANDON ADSUN SYSTEM with multi-function researched, produced and distributed by our company.


Theory of the ANDON system

The ANDON system is a tool to detect abnormalities in the production process, then immediately notify by sound and image to the group of people who are in charge of the unusual area. The ANDON system takes many forms: from warning to one location to alerting multiple lines and stages; from simple warning light / bell to complex tables. The common feature of all forms is the production warning system of real-time production status in the monitored area.


ANDON system theory model